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FundYou offers you a platform to run successful crowdfunding campaigns for creative and innovative projects on an international scale. We enable founders and creatives to reach investors and backers for funding and proof of concept. Beyond that, we also offer a tool, which allows you to manage and reactivate your crowd beyond one single campaign.


FundYou is a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in all aspects related to the funding of early stage companies and developing businesses. You can read more about our team to get to know us better!
Founder and CEO
COO and Business Development
CTO and Technical Consultant
Head of Marketing

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The experience to work with FundYou is amazing. They are involved in making our crowdfunding campaign successful. The value they provide is beyond our expectations.

Plotwise Oy

Working together with FundYou has been an essential part in creating our crowdfunding campaign. Their coaching and support are invaluable for the process. Support like that is truly exceptional for when embarking on a crowdfunding project!

CEO, Silvermile

FundYou has guided and supported us in both fundraising and consulting with gusto, commitment and kindness. Working together has been a transformative process, leading to an outstanding collaboration!

CEO, Crowst

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