wiFido® is a smart home system with unique Nordic design, carefully coded software and top quality hardware. wiFido® allows you to remotely monitor your home or country house. Over the last four years we have developed and tested wiFido® and are now ready for launching the product to the market. Our goal is to market a first series of wiFido® through this campaign.

 Lawyer specialized in commercial and labor law.  An anchor in the organisation that keep the creativity whithin reasonable boundries.

Andrei is leading our team of developers to create a seamless experience from our smart hardware, through the different layers of software, to the user.
Richard has been entrepreneur since 1999, working with existing consumer brands and developing new ones. Creative -combining tech knowledge with a commercial experience to add value.
Emil, has a MBA in retail management, adds both, experience and creativity to our marketing operations.
Thomas is the Co-founder of Brand New Brand AB, the parent company behind wiFido. He is a sales and IOT expert. He has observed and detected consumer needs during his professional career working on the sales front for big brands like Bosch, Onninen and Selecta. Since 2011 he is an independent sales consultant to major brands in Sweden.
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By backing us with 50 Euros, you receive a discount voucher for 10% in the wiFido online shop. read more

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You like our product and want to support us making it happen? Get this voucher and support us with your contribution. The voucher will give you 20% on a purchase of unlimited size for our online shop. read more

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Book a Demo - Smart up your Premises





Book us for a demo and we show you how we would smarten up your premises. Either it can be your office or your home, we make wiFido work for your purpose. This comes with a 10% voucher for a potential purchase. read more

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All Good Things come in fives - IoT...

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Receive 5 times the starter kit for the price of 4. It includes 5 base stations, 10 tick sensors, and ten Telldus smart plugs. read more

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